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The joy of clojurescript noteworthy the journal blog. You dont level up by switching games all the time, but by sticking with one long enough to gain advanced skills. That simplicity, when comparing to other functional languages, makes it relatively easy to learn clojure. Rich hickey, the creator of clojure, is consistent in delivering fantastic, thoughtprovoking talks i consider the following required viewing for most, if not all programmers.

Clojure is a modern, dynamic, and functional dialect of the lisp programming language on the java platform. But i think hickey s concepts and his language is a solid one. This is a collection of his talks, interviews, and articles. This talk discusses a lot of the why behind clojures design. Clojureconj 2017 opening keynote by rich hickey video. Part 1 of a presentation by rich hickey at the boston lisp meeting.

Effective programs 10 years of clojure rich hickey. Clojure is a compiled language it compiles directly to jvm bytecode, yet remains completely dynamic. I wrote clojure because if i had to continue programming in java, i wouldnt still be a programmer. Clojure is a concise, powerful, and performant generalpurpose programming language that runs on the jvm, clr, node. Books that influenced clojure, in no particular order idea list by rich hickey. Compiling and running a java program 12 march 20 if youre at all like me, the moment you got your first clojure program running you belted out, sooo muuuuuuuch poooooooweeeeeeeer. Net common language runtime clr and javascript runtime engines. Hn theater has aggregated all hacker news stories and comments that mention clojuretvs video speculation keynote rich hickey. Clojure advocates immutability and immutable data structures and encourages programmers to be. This focus on programming with immutable values and explicit. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Aug 06, 2014 posted by rich hickey on august 6, 2014 tagged.

Im also a clojure dev and im on the other side of the fence on this one as well so. Hello, and welcome to episode 103 of the cognicast, a podcast by cognitect, inc. The book is an excellent, compact guide you can and should implement in the repl while at it. This is joy clark, and today on the case podcast im going to be talking to rich hickey about clojure, and all of the reasons why clojure is the way it is. Brandon ringe professional open source developer self. Add this to a powershell script or use a batch script with tools and in places where you are calling directly to chocolatey. I recently listened to rich hickey s interview on software engineering radio. Rich hickey gives an introduction to datomic, including the basics of the. How much javascript experience did rich hickey have prior to. As a dialect of lisp, it has a codeasdata philosophy and.

Tastefully designed by rich hickey, clojure is a lisp that can be used for real world work that leverages years of h. Rich hickey has announced clojurescript, a version of clojure that is. Introduced in 2007 and created by rich hickey, who also developed dotlisp, clojure is executed in java virtual machine jvm. Two weeks ago rich hickey announced a major new library for clojure, called clojure. The software development industry needs to hear more from rich and more talks on these sorts of topics. Ui programming is, for the most part, wiring things up. It is designed to be a generalpurpose language, combining the approachability and interactive development of a scripting language with an efficient and robust infrastructure for multithreaded programming. In this video by rich hickey, the clojure creator, he advises to use map to represent data instead of using a class to represent it, as done in java. Clojurescript is meant to be used to write programs and compile them. As a dialect of lisp, it has a codeasdata philosophy and a powerful macro system.

Because clojure is a language and other peoples jobs and lives depend on it, the project no longer feels like someones personal project which invites a more democratic contribution process. Hn theater has aggregated all hacker news stories and comments that mention rich hickeys video simple made easy. Learn how to build complete clientside applications with clojurescript, the clojure language variant that compiles to optimized javascript. His impact on the future of programming is ongoing and extends well beyond clojure. Geek of the week with clojure soon to be ported to the. Does someone recall what that reason was or where i could find it. Could rich sit down and do a short video once or twice a month for a subscription or patreon. Our cto, rich hickey, had a vision for a better way to program. Clojurescript brings clojure to the browser via javascript infoq. Simplicity matters rich hickey s keynote at railsconf 2012.

Communitypowered clojure documentation and examples. We sent richard morris to find out from the creator of clojure, rich hickey. Clojure is a functional programming language featuring a rich set of immutable, persistent data structures. In the meanwhile, rich hickey was explaining how data is very valuable, since it is the context under which everything else interprets what to do. Maybe not 112018 case podcast problem solving and clojure 1.

Clojure is a dynamically and strongly typed programming language, created by rich hickey and hosted on the java virtual machine. Field presentation by stuart halloway on use of clojure for software development. The current development process is communitydriven, overseen by rich hickey as its benevolent dictator for life. If you watch rich hickeys clojure conj keynote from last year, he talks about support for that feature. Indepth look at clojure s refs, transactions and agents. Please support these fine books and videos about clojurescript. Clojure inventor hickey now aims for android in an interview, clojure founder rich hickey discusses future of the functional jvm language, including his mobile aspirations. I was hoping to learn something from the rationale. Clojure spec with rich hickey cognicast episode 103. And, you need to be careful to recognize the actual game involved. I hope you find clojures combination of facilities elegant, powerful, practical and fun to use. Minimal syntax, very condensed and short api, no types. During the interview rich mentioned that clojure s collections are implemented as trees.

Rich hickey presents the idea that our software needs to explicitly model time. Clojure advocates immutability and immutable data structures and encourages programmers to be explicit about managing identity and its states. A series of important videos from rich hickey, the author of clojure who spent over 2 years designing clojure around the concept of simplicity you do not need to watch these videos to start coding in clojure, but they are very useful to adopt the approach and design idioms that make clojure a highly effective language for software development. Brief overview of clojure, discussion of concurrency issues, locking, and immutabiity. Rich hickey s greatest hits videos clojure for the brave and true. Reinspired about clojure by a recent rich hickey s talk at qcon on codeq, excellent, as always, ive dug into the kindle edition over the long weekend. Clojurescript one will show you how clojurescript reduces the complexity of web development by allowing you to write applications using one language to unify development. Here is list of companies and individuals that offer clojure training courses. Rich hickeys reason for not autocurrying clojure functions. Sign up for your own profile on github, the best place to host code, manage projects, and build software alongside 40 million developers. Rich hickey slides of richs clojurescript announcement and the video of the.

In order to change software you need to understand the. Use map instead of class to represent data rich hickey. Autoplay when autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. But in this episode i want to concentrate on the why question. Oct 12, 2017 effective programs 10 years of clojure rich hickey clojuretv.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to a new conversation about software engineering. Its not that clojure script is not up to the task i think e. Unfortunately the video cuts off before he gets to talk about reify, deftype, and protocols. This handson introduction shows you how clojurescript not only has similarities to javascriptwithout the flawsbut also supports. In the simplemadeeasy talk rich raises the question of long term use. Clojure does not though it permits partial and function macros as a comparable approach for doing the same. We are actively hiring for q1 2018 and hope to grow the team to five engineers and one person that is more designeruiuxfocused but will still likely end up working with clojure. Jun 07, 2016 in this episode, we talk to rich hickey about clojure.

Clojurescript interview with rich hickey about new functionality in clojure. Rich hickey, the author of clojure, is an independent software designer, consultant and application architect with over 20 years of experience in all facets of software development. Learning clojure and watching talks by rich hickey has changed the way i think about programming and the way i program. Every feature supported by clojure is supported at runtime. Mpm software is a collection of computerized services used by healthcare professionals and. See what hacker news thinks about this video and how it stacks up against other videos. Effective programs 10 years of clojure rich hickey youtube. Clojure inventor hickey now aims for android infoworld. A fairly extensive introduction to clojure, with a presumption of prior knowledge of lisp. The more i looked into clojure, the more fascinated i became with its opinionated creator, rich hickey. Rich hickey is the author of clojure, and the designer of datomic and clojure. In particular, he mentions the issue of maintenance and change. Dec 16, 2012 part 1 of a presentation by rich hickey at the boston lisp meeting.

Rich hickey discusses the philosophy behind clojure and its future. Hacker news comments on simple made easy rich hickey infoq. Transducers are a powerful and composable way to build algorithmic transformations that you can reuse in many contexts, and theyre coming to clojure core and core. I thought i recalled hearingreading the reason behind hickey s decision. Rich hickey on clojures features and implementation. In this episode, we talk to him about his latest brain gem, the core. Listeners of the show need no introduction to rich hickey, even if he had not already been our guest twice. Building, running, and the repl clojure for the brave and true. Clojure helps eliminate various issues faced by the programmer, while setting them right for the future. Ps from reading rich hickey s language references essays and watching his video presentations, although clojure seems dense and has lots of its own inventive concepts, and rich s writing has its own particular style. The software provides implementations of the ni naming scheme draftfarrelldecadeni and other netinf features such as convergence layers, forwarding, caching in different languages, including c, clojure, java, php, python, and ruby. You are the creator of clojure, so why did you write clojure. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about html5. Clojuretv talks by rich hickey and presentations from clojureconj and.

Rich hickeys word response makes the case, and is evidence itself, that he and other clojure contributors care about the community. Be sure to grab the slides and code in order to follow along. Rich hickey talks a little bit about javascript especially as compared to clojure in his 2011 talk announcing the release of clojurescript, which is a dialect of clojure that compiles to javascript. His background and the context for his development is building information systems in organisations where the rules are messy and no doubt change often. This project hosts code and information for various packages implementing or using the network of information paradigm. To edit a script, just edit and save it with your favorite text editor. Thus he invented clojure, and now he cant escape java, because, sadly, clojure itself and its libraries are very coupled to the java libraries and the jvm. Rich hickey made it very clear that clojure is, and will always be, a simple language. As a clojure script programmer i would love to tap into that deep well of crispness somehow. Jan 25, 2015 first of all, you can estimate this yourself. When mutable state is needed, clojure offers a software transactional memory system and reactive agent system that ensure clean, correct, multithreaded designs. Rich hickey has personally sacrificed an immense amount of his time and his own money to make clojure what it is today. Jun 06, 2019 the more i looked into clojure, the more fascinated i became with its opinionated creator, rich hickey.

Up and running sierra, stuart, vanderhart, luke on. Can eval nontrivial clojurescript exprs from within the js host. If youre not particularly interested in clojure, id suggest watching these videos in reverse order. Clojure concurrency by rich hickey programming talks. How might something like that that happen and be sustainable. He is explaining that he will continue to design and develop the language as a rich hickey thing instead of a consensus or community driven process. He narrates about stm, clojures internals, etc clojure rich hickeys. Part 1, part 2 screencast by craig andera about clojure. Rich hickey, the author of clojure and designer of datomic, is a software developer with over 25 years of experience in various domains. Aug 28, 20 clojure seems like a modern look at what an approachable lisp might be that isnt totally disconnected from the rest of the world. The repl a podcast diving into clojure programs and libraries by daniel. Up next every clojure talk ever alex engelberg and derek slager duration. Im hoping to implement persistent data structures in another language, and would like to understand how sets and clojure s other persistent data structures are implemented. In this chapter, youll invest a small amount of time up front to get familiar with a quick, foolproof way to build and run clojure programs.

For those unaware, clojure is a modern dialect of lisp that was built on top of the java virtual machine. I was in attendance, along with fellow atoms drew colthorp and scott vokes. A series of video tutorial about web development using clojurescript and clojure. Rich has more than 25 years of experience in all facets of software development. A lot of people are excited about spec, and rightfully so. Here are a few good resources to get you off on the right foot. Like other lisps, clojure treats code as data and has a lisp macro system. If youre writing clojure, any clojure at all, this talk is a must. Oct, 2017 rich hickey explains at the start of his talk where he is coming from, what the context of his development work, and he calls it situated software. Clojureconj 2017 opening keynote by rich hickey video 216 points by. I dont understand how it can be better, since how can the api user know what are the input keys if they are simply represented as maps. I am currently learning clojure, mostly because i wanted to learn functional programming principles and rich hickey gives amazing talks, but also because it is a functional programmingfocused lisp dialect that can be hosted both on the web with clojurescript via compiling to optimized javascript and the on the jvm via clojure. Clj stands for clojure source code rich hickey open source project sponsor. The current development process is communitydriven, overseen by rich hickey as its benevolent dictator for life bdfl.

The third clojure conj, a conference dedicated to the clojure community, was held in raleigh, nc the second weekend in november. No matter where your program is running, no matter which programming. The clojure community at large adopts the philosophy of rich hickey that apis should grow over time by accretion adding features, relaxation requiring less, and bug fixing instead of. It was formed by incorporating the finest features of a variety of programming languages, such as python, java, haskell, etc. Hes a prolific speaker and has a lot of great ideas about programming. Agents take data, interpret it, do something based on it, get data back, decide whether doing something was a good idea or not, and make new interpretations, or find new data.

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