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Visually, the pappenheimer as a later form of rapier has a lot in common with a smallsword, as you can see from the hilt. By the way, the 30 years war commander you speak of was gottfried heinrich graf zu pappenheim, not general pappenhiemer. Rapiers were narrow usually one and a quarter inches wide, quite long, fairly heavy, and usually had only a slight edge on them. Blade length most of the closed hilts have a ricasso, or part of the blade that lies inside the hilt. A rapier is a slender, sharply pointed sword, ideally used for thrusting attacks, used mainly in early modern europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. The pappenheimer family name was found in the usa between 1880 and 1920. It is a wonderful addition to any props cabinet and an excellent all around dueling weapon. Darkwood armory, your source for historical fencing.

See rapiers, valentine, 20, for a comparable example, which was in our own collection and is considered the benchmark for the form. The majority of the blacked metalwork you can see you can see in these hilt photos intended to protect the sword hand. Mostly for practical use for historical fencing or reenactment. This article, cribbed from my forthcoming introduction to the italian rapier book, looks at the range of historical rapiers and my opinion on how to best select a modern reproduction. On this date in 1600, bavarians thronged to a halfmilelong procession in munich for the horrific execution of the pappenheimer family. Steel guard and pommel with a leather over oak wire wrapped grip. The origin of the name is uncertain, in origin probably a derisive description, either from rape grater describing the complex. Arkansas had the highest population of pappenheimer families in 1880. Swords, blades uk, sword, knives, martial arts, samurai.

In the 1620s, we see the addition of more side plates and shell guards. This book takes you to the fencing school, or salle of celebrated renaissance rapier master nicoletto giganti of venice, one among the period teachers leaving instructions on the use of this weapon. The woodcore scabbard is finished with a tight leather wrap and protective steel fittings. The wirebound handle is both attractive and functional allowing for a firmer grip than the leather bound equivalent. It was carried by many combatants in the thirty years war 16181648 ad. More uniquely, his 1606 text the school, or salle is a veritable training curriculum, with its stepwise lessons and easytofollow explanations on. Rapiers were narrow usually one and a quarter inches wide, quite long, fairly heavy, and usually had only a. The tangs are actual full tangs, not the typical rat tail that are found in most decorative swords. Pappenheimer definition, a heavy rapier of the 17th century, having a swept guard with two perforated plates. Pappenheimer sword rapier historical reference currently. Rapier, silver plated steel hilt decorated with punched work, pappenheimer type, flemish, ca. In gemany, the socalled pappenheimer hilt, named after gottfried heinrich graff pappenheim, who carried this style of sword during the thirty years war 16181648, comprised a rapier hilt with large plates and recurved quillons. Some historical rapier samples also feature a broad blade mounted on a typical rapier hilt. Being marco a traditional fencer himself, he is able to really understand the needs of traditional fencers.

It is a loan from middle french espee rapiere, first recorded in 1474. While the blade might be broad enough to cut to some degree but nowhere. It has the name of marshal gottfried heinrich zu pappenheim, with an experience of more than 30. Initially, the rapier was used like its medieval predecessor, that is, as a cutting weapon.

The plates can be personalized with either stars and crosses pictured or stars and clovers. All metal construction, a sword made popular during the thirty years war 16181648 ad. Rapiers are long, thin, singlehanded swords designed for thrusting more than cutting. The word rapier generally refers to a relatively longbladed sword characterized by a complex hilt which is constructed to provide protection for the hand wielding it.

Norman developed a classification that traces the evolution of the rapier hilt. The sword rapier became the sword of choice for most of the military. Pappenheimer bodies are abnormal basophilic granules of iron found inside red blood cells on routine blood stain. Darkwood armory pappenheimer i large plate w piercework purportedly designed by the german general pappenheim to accommodate both right and lefthanded fighters, this broad, roundplate design is great for ambidexterous people and for loaner gear. Mostly, it was used on military swords but some rapiers had pappenheimer hilts.

Iohannes happe sic me fecit solingen and wild man with a club man. May 01, 2014 fast hands is a fun read, and will be a blast for the kind of teenager who dreams about a life beyond the city routine. A life between the ancient martial art of the and century and the modern day tactical and prepared world. The hand forged steel blade is housed in a well made wooden scabbard with leather covering and steel fittings. Invaluable is the worlds largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. Buy the renaissance rapier from our range of collectable gifts on the english heritage online shop. The illustrated book of rapiers and cut and thrust swords. Strong, straight blade of lozenge buy online, view images and see past prices for a pierced rapier. World heritage encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive. The pappenheimer rapier has a blade forged from high carbon steel, 17th century. The period is not covered much in the us but it is a period ripe for fiction a king is beheaded, a successful general disbands parliament, and republican england is led by an absolute, unchecked ruler. This rapier has a blade forged from high carbon steel. Fast hands is a fun read, and will be a blast for the kind of teenager who dreams about a life beyond the city routine. With such design features, the rapier is optimized to be a thrusting weapon, but cutting or slashing attacks were also recorded in some historical treatises like capo ferro s gran simulacro in 1610.

Rapiers during shakespeares time were like these simpler hilts without the 3dimensional hand protection of the later cavalier period. Therefore, a 42 blade on a pappenheimer or ring hilt will have 2 of ricasso and 40 sticking out the front of the hilt. A history of daggers, sabers, and scimitars from ancient times to the modern day richard francis burton on. The complex hilt with pierced shell guard is from mild steel with a wooden grip overlaid in twisted steel wire. Explore pappenheimer genealogy and family history in the worlds largest family tree pappenheimer is on mixcloud. Since 2010, sword maker marco danelli has been making highquality replicas of original european swords from the period between 14th and 18th century. A felt tab atop the guard protects it from scratching when in contact with the scabbard. The martial arts of europe have a long history of constant change and evolution. Barnett pappenheimer rapier 45 overall with a 37 sharpened, hand forged 1045 spring carbon steel. A type of rapier known as a pappenheimer widely used during the thirty years war 161848, so called because this form of pierced basket hilt was favoured by gottfried heinrich, graf pappenheim, a famous general for the hapsburgs. The introduction of firearms into warfare was a slow transition with swords and guns appearing on the battle field at the same time. The highwayman ironside takes place in a period of history i have always found fascinating the english civil war. The pappenheimer is named after gottfried heinrich zu pappenheim, whose army often used this weapon. Rapier sword model pappenheimer, replica of the original 17th century model.

The flemish papenheimer rapier originates from early 17th century europe, where swordplay with the rapier was considered an essential part of a gentlemens education and was often used in resolving gentlemanly disagreements. Jan 31, 2010 this book takes you to the fencing school, or salle of celebrated renaissance rapier master nicoletto giganti of venice, one among the period teachers leaving instructions on the use of this weapon. Through its long history, the rapier was more a weapon of choice for. Since pappenhimer hilts were also used on swords of war, it might be appropriate to have a page titled pappenheimer hilt with a few pictures and links to rapier and sidesword. A rapier is type of sword with a slender and sharplypointed twoedged blade that was popular. The pappenheimer was light, flexible, capable of both cut and thrust and yet not too heavy for good point work.

They are a type of inclusion body composed of ferritin aggregates, or mitochondria or phagosomes containing aggregated ferritin. Pappenheimer bodies, abnormal deposits of iron within red blood cells. The first cogent book on a coherent rapier technique was the opera nova. The flemish pappenheim rapier has a blade crafted from high carbon steel. That mark is of the wirsberg family and may be seen on a rapier of 1620, a640, wallace collection, by johannes wirsberg. They are the finest and strongest swords available. They appear as dense, bluepurple granules within the red blood cell and there are usually only one or.

The pappenheimer rapier was the choice of many, it was light, flexible, capable of both cut and thrust and yet not too heavy for good point work. The rapier in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries duration. In my opinion scenes when a storm upends a typical halibut fishing trip are particularly strong the chapters are expertly rendered in the kind of vivid and suspensful detail a writer could only know from firsthand experience. The pappenheimer rapier was a frequently used weapon, for example in the thirty years war 16181648. You could even consider the pierced metal a precursor to the smallsword shells. The term rapier appears in both english and german, nearsimultaneously, in the mid16th century, for a light, long, pointed twoedged sword. Swords of the renaissance to the english civil war this period spans approx. Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be. The term pappenheimer seems to derive from later collectors associating this type of rapier with distinct hilt having pierced convex plates in the rings of the guard, to gottfried heinrich graf zu pappenheim 15941632 who was a distinguished cavalry commander in the german thirty years war.

The pappenheimer rapier was the choice of many light, flexible, capable of both cut and thrust and yet not too heavy for good point work. They were first developed in the 1500s in spain as a dress sword and became very popular as a. Darkwood refers to this as a teardrop plate pappenheimer. Functional rapier for reenactment in a blunt version.

The pappenheimer represents the rapier as it evolved at the time of the thirty years war 161848. The distinctive guard, a symmetrical shellguard enclosed in two rings and pierced with holes, and the rest made up of wide, recurved quillons, making for an effective yet ornate guard that is perfect for defence and show. Weapons from danelli armouries are functional reproductions of real. The guard is all steel construction with pierced plates. Normans classification of hilt 67, dating between 1620 to the 1640s. This transitional rapier has a full steel guard and knuckle bow, and is designed to cover a broad historical sweep, from birth of the full rapier circa 1620 to the end of the civilian dueling sword circa 1850. Silvered hilt german rapier, circa mid1600s by johannis. The pappenheimhilt rapier originated in germany in 1630 and was popularized by imperial general of the thirty years war 161848 count pappenheim. Original rapier from shortly before or during the thirty years war.

Pappenheimhilt rapier news newspapers books scholar jstor july 2011. A 39 blade will have 37 sticking out, and a 45 will have 43 sticking out. They appear as dense, bluepurple granules within the red blood cell and there are usually only one or two, located in the cell periphery. Ewart oakeshott in his book european weapons and armour 1980, a must read, supports this idea.

Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics like red hair. Rapier project gutenberg selfpublishing ebooks read. Choosing the right rapier for you academie duello learn. The real thing historical rapiers varied in dimension both throughout their evolution from the early 1500s to the 1700s and within any given period, based on the. A briefe historie of the rapier and the small sword the booktrap. Although the term rapier has become synonymous with any narrowbladed sword particularly those with fancy hilts, the term rapier actually applied to only a select few types of swords. The clamshell guard is backed in red velvet and the leather scabbard is completed with steel fittings. This was about 41% of all the recorded pappenheimer s in the usa. Rapiersrapier swords history of rapier swords rapiers.

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