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Check out our list of 15 cameos, references, and easter eggs you missed in smallville. Jan 21, 2015 once gotham begins airing, be sure to check back to this page to spot all of the awesome easter eggs and references and tidbits that superfans have noticed. Gotham season 2 episode 3 top 5 wtf and batman easter eggs. The elseworlds crossover took viewers inside the arrowverses gotham city tonight, and it dropped some pretty major easter eggs in the process spoilers for tonights episode of arrow. Episode ii attack of the clones has many hidden features. Batman the long halloween vs season 1 batman year one, comic book characters and arkham villains team htt. By chastity vicencio and greg thomas on january 31. A telltale game series easter eggs, hidden references, and secret shoutouts.

My friend that had watched 2 episodes of season 1 said that it was trash, for people who didnt like batman and that it. Those are all the easter eggs, bits of comic book trivia, and subtle references fans can look out for, but if you have any that we missed, please share them in the comments. Benoist travel to gotham city, a city brimming with batman easter eggs. Find hidden easter eggs in movies, tv shows, software, music, books, and art. If you want to read insiders roundup of easter eggs and hidden references for the. Night two of the crossover, a special episode of arrow, will find the stillswapped barry and oliver traveling once again this time to gotham city to meet another new face in the dc comics tv. About batman arkham knight as the united forces of gotham s supervillains take control of the city, the dark knight unleashes the all new transformable batmobile in the explosive finale to the arkham trilogy. Gotham season 2 episode 9 top 5 wtf and batman easter eggs duration. Sep 06, 2017 the season two premiere of gotham aired tonight and gave fans a taste of whats coming up next in the city that will eventually give birth to the batman. Gotham season 2 episode 12 top 10 wtf and batman easter eggs. All in all, gotham managed to produce yet another wellpaced and cleverly crammed episode that packed enough easter eggs to entertain thoroughly. Complete dc comics and batman easter eggs reference guide batwoman episode 10 pays tribute to dc comics history constantly, in ways big and small. This makes easter egghunting a bit more complicated and, when it comes to king, easter egghunting is already tough.

Harley quinn season 2, episode 3, trapped, featured a number of easter eggs and references to dc comics supervillains within doctor traps lair. Gotham season 2 episode 6 top 5 wtf and batman easter eggs. Bruce wayne becomes an orphan when his billionaire parents thomas and martha wayne are murdered james gordon must navigate the seedy underbelly of gotham s justice system while combating the rise of the citys most notorious villains, promising justice to young bruce as he finds his way toward becoming the iconic caped crusader. Gotham season 5 episode 7 lives up to its ace chemicals name as a classic batman comic moment finally comes to pass. Every week, weve been breaking down the gotham easter eggs that you might have missed, whether it was a batman reference or something. However, as stated in a report from cinema blend, the latest episode, pinewood, indicates that the character will return as a fullfledged version of the joker from the batman comic books. But i do worry that if every episode is going to follow the this might be the guy who.

In the comics though, werent bruce and tommy childhood friends. Mar 02, 2018 this article consists of nothing but gotham season 4 episode 1 spoilers. Easter eggs and dc comics references in selina kyle. Last season, crisis on earthx was very much a movie that had to fit into a. Sep 16, 2019 probably the most blatant easter egg weve seen in titans season 2 by the second episode is a phone call donna troy conor leslie gets after she and kori anna diop hand off the villain shimmer. In this weeks episode of arrow, the elseworlds crossover continued in part two of the.

In the episode of gotham titled selina kyle season one, episode two, fans of the comic book dc universe or of the television show arrow. The court of owls, barbara harley quinn, the joker jerome, bruce wayne. Tonights series premiere also contained quite a few easter eggs and references. I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot and hope that it continues down the dark path that it promises. The show has certainly had its share of ups and downs over its debut year, and with season 2 already set to include a number of wellknown batman villains, the series still has a world of possibilities in the cards. Easter eggs dc comics extended universe wiki fandom.

Jerome cameron monaghan may have been treated as a prototype joker in gotham but early on in season 2 he was killed off. Gothams third season kicked off last week on fox, and tonight was the premiere of the seasons second episode, mad city. Picard, another generous collection of easter eggs to keep fans busy. Elseworlds aired its gotham set second episode tonight, and it was chock full of easter eggs. Easter eggs is the term given to subtle references to outside media, future appearances of characters or content and cultural references in a film. Elseworlds part 2 drops several easter eggs at arkham asylum. Usually with new tv shows, they spend much of the first episode setting up their main characters and plugging as many easter eggs as they can to ensure viewership. You only see this begin in episode seven of gotham. All the easter eggs we found in castle rock season 2. Although its not everyones favorite, here are some interesting easter. Dec 20, 2018 the elseworlds crossover took viewers inside the arrowverses gotham city tonight, and it dropped some pretty major easter eggs in the process spoilers for tonights episode of arrow. One shot, in particular, raises a lot of questions about this galaxy. With a heavy emphasis on the life of bruce and the impact of being gothams dark knight, players. Here are 48 easter eggs and references you may have missed in the second season of a series of unfortunate events, streaming on netflix now.

Easter eggs are references to the batman comics and media season 1 pilot. Jim asks jeremiah what his new name is and we got an easter eggy nonanswer, jim calls batman a. Even superfans may not be aware of some easter eggs and other little gems of trivia in the show. Jun 12, 2016 welcome to ign s complete guide to batman. To be fair, thomas elliot wasnt really an easter egg as they stated his name rather openly. Dc emergency awesome toon ultra wiki fandom powered by. Well im here to tell you that this new gotham episode is a major leap forward from the last few weeks and on par with the pilot. Batman arkham videos is a fan channel dedicated to bringing you the latest news, guides and videos from the batman arkham video game series.

Penguins subplot was surprisingly devoid of them unless. Once gotham begins airing, be sure to check back to this page to spot all of the awesome easter eggs and references and tidbits that superfans have noticed. Gotham s ben mckenzie says season 5 delivers plenty of anticipated easter eggs. Join chastity and greg for a breakdown of the plot, star trek references, and the next generation easter eggs from episode 2 maps and legends. Arkham has some teases but its also the shows best episode so far. Gothams ben mckenzie says season 5 delivers plenty of.

The court of owls, barbara harley quinn, the joker jerome, bruce wayne batcave and schedule update. Joker easter egg in pinewood episode edward hardesty wed 20 apr 2016 15. Who knew a batman prequel had so many batman references. Lexcorp tower is also spotted in the metropolis skyline. Mr freeze and hugo strange batman comic book easter eggs, the penguin arkham asylum, batgirl and batman v superman. Read on for the easter eggs and references we found in tonights batwoman premiere and be sure to let us know which ones you spotted in the comments below. Its ironic that the episode of gotham in which batman finally began his war on crime opens on a direct reference to the last time he did that on the big screen, but it succeeded in making bruces. At the gotham awardsline screening last week, heller and his eps john stephens and danny cannon, who directed tonights episode, told deadline that they began working on season 2 s story line. While tonights episode of gotham wasnt the smorgasbord of easter eggs that we saw in the series pilot, there were plenty to go around. Children of arkham is a narrative driven batman game. Oct 05, 2015 gotham season 2 episode 3 the last laugh, batman easter eggs, the joker comic book changes, the court of owls history, batman and the flash season 2 episode. With a bunch of new versions of spiderman from the multiverse. And introducing nygma as the ventriloquist gotham season 5.

Jim asks jeremiah what his new name is and we got an easter. Gotham is heading towards its mid season finale, so were taking a look at 15 easter eggs that even diehard batman fans missed. Sep 05, 2017 tonights episode of gotham brought us a badass vision of azrael, a villainantiherohero from the dc universe who has a long history with batman. In the gotham knights episode holiday knights, batman meets gordon at a diner for coffee. It was a bit of a shame that gordons ben mckenzie didnt get much time to shine, but a nod to his future self was appreciated anyways. Like the premiere episode, this one has plenty of easter eggs and references to star trek. To tell that would be undoing the whole concept of easter eggs, now wouldnt it. Sep 19, 2016 gotham season 3 is nearly here, so were looking back at our guide to all of the batman and dc comics references from season two. Season 1 of gotham has come to an end, bringing a number of longterm plot threads to a close. For those of you who dont know, every season we dig into every episode of gotham, hunting for batman and dc comics easter eggs. Review and easter eggs gotham season 5 episode 11 they did what.

Spiderman into the spiderverse 2 release date is currently 2022. Order of saint dumas vs bruce wayne and batman metahuman easter eggs from the comics. But still, the writers scattered several easter eggs for the more devoted fans to find. Oct 08, 2018 speaking to gotham star ben mckenzie recently, we asked whether or not these popular nods and easter eggs would be making their stamp in season 5. Watch gotham episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. As usual, this show wasnt remotely shy about its dc comics. In this episode, we learn that, despite being murdered before getting possessed, the spirit of the human vessel still lives on in the. Blaze comics, the publisher of booster gold comic series is seen during the battle of metropolis. The following contains spoilers for harley quinn, season 2, episode 3, trapped. The first few episodes had their fair share of great moments but ultimately lacked focus and relied heavily on easter eggs and teases. How long that lasts is anyones guess, but now that the pilot episode has hit the airwaves, the showrunners have offered more than a few classic.

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